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"Miracles" by Mark Clarke
     and Peter Chan

"Dead Poet " by Mark Clarke

Mark Clarke. Adult contemporary music.
Substantial songs with poetic lyrics.
Australian singer songwriter. Influences include; Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and John Lennon

Many of these songs were co-produced and co-performed with Peter Chant


Geat work here Mark..such tight, crisp and efficient crafting of the songs, particularly in the lyrics..

Great music, you remind me of The Cure and solo John Lennon, great sound! I am a fan!

Caroline Ty
Thoughtful and skillful lyrical songs!

Sina Lloyd & Buddy Greenfield
We enjoyed "Miracles" and "Faith in You" - Nice writing and vocal.

the th0ughtpr0v0ker
Mark you are a gentle soul with a sweeeet vocal!!! Respect.

Loving your easy going tracks Brother Mark, sending you much love, light and respect! Thank you in deep gratitude my Brother.

Josie Bernales   Nice Video Clip and lyrics !

Slam Horse   Wonderful variety in your tracks with talented vocals, lyrics, and instrumental skill! It was a pleasure to listen to your special sound!

Miracles spinning in my head now - sweet tune, man... maybe me

"Blowing home" is such an exquisite showcase of your massive unique talent and storytelling! I am mesmerized!! Xoxo

Michael L. McKinley
Land of Sunshine is GREAT !!!

Heavy Cowboy  
Cool tunes, nice guitar sounds. Your voice reminds me of pink Floyd.

Breck Stewart  
Miracles, On Your Knees, The Stage, Blowing Home and Land of Sunshine , these r some real great and amazing songs!!!!! Peace.

Suburban Cry  
"Land of Sunshine" is awesome! Great songs with real emotion.

Mykall McDowell  
Fantastic Sounds Brother!!! Love it!!! ~Mykall~

Wow! Love your remind me of Robby Robertson, Bob Geldof, Tom Waites. Music with conscience. I can't say anything nicer than that.

On Ithenfal's Wing  
Enjoying listening to Land of Sunshine - great song, sound and vocals!

Just good songs here...Great work Mark

great songwriting. awesome vocals. PeAcE

Dani Mkd in GOODWILL  
there is a great talent here, very strong and very original




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